Customized fleet management solutions independent of fleet type and size


We incorporate individual needs into comprehensive solutions

Fleet, freight, and driver monitoring
Assigning vehicles to jobs and generating task sequences
Management and contact with drivers
Reports and analysis on fleet operating costs and order handling
Analysis and testing of fleet operational strategies
Automatic work schedules for drivers and other employees
Dynamic route planning and optimization
Analysis of changes in demand
Analysis of the driving style

Fleet type

We tailor our solutions to each type of fleet

Passenger cars
3PL operators
Telematics companies
Courier companies
Public transport operators
Electric cars
Leasing companies
Insurance companies

Our Products

We are starting with understanding the operating model of your business to fit software that suites your actual needs. We develop a fleet management model for you that will reduce cost’s and operational risk. Using advanced analyses and simulations, we will find the right solution for your company.

Analysis of operational model
Virtual simulations of potential solutions
Selection of the solution and configuration
Optimization and testing
Implementation in a real environment

Advanced artificial intelligence tool for managing fleets, orders, and drivers

Full control of transportation processes:
Comprehensive near real-time tracking of the status of vehicles, drivers, and freight orders
Verification of the use of vehicles in accordance with in accordance with regional road regulations
Fleet performance analysis with recommendations
Intuitive user panel in web browsers
Ability to integrate with external fleet services, such as ADAS systems

Generating task sequences and vehicle assignments in dynamic routing mode

Dedicated artificial intelligence solution for routing:
Dynamic route planning that takes into account the unpredictable nature of transport operations
Optimize operating cost in terms of delivery time windows, priorities, preferred routes, etc.
Calculations for one or more distribution centers and transshipment hubs
Ability to manually edit existing routes and add new points to the route
Handling different types of vehicles, including mixed fleets, and diverse requirements for deliveries (perishables, heavy materials, etc.)

Virtual twin of a transportation system to analyze fleet operational strategies

AI to define the most advantageous operational strategies for a given fleet:
Creating a digital twin of the transportation system
Testing options for expanding or changing the operational configuration of the fleet
Mapping the full movement of vehicles, orders and drivers and monitoring fleet utilization
Analysis of options for changes in demand and expansion of logistics service
Constant control of all fleet performance parameters and precise determination of the most advantageous operational strategies

Generating schedules and work plan for drivers and other fleet employees

Improve the efficiency of using the available workforce:
Automation and organization of processes for assigning drivers to vehicles and tasks
Work schedules and schedules in accordance in accordance with the Labour Code
Intuitive creation of recurring work plans
A complete solution that can be integrated with any fleet management and crm system.
Defining availability priorities and optimizing schedules on a number of parameters

Positioning and navigation of the blind and visually impaired

An image analysis tool to help navigate in any city without external markings:
Locating the user in the urban environment (what is in my area, e.g. what public transport stops)
Planning the route of moving from the starting point to the destination point
Determination of the direction, distance and way to reach the desired destination
Mobile application (Android and iOS) operating in economy mode and using the camera from the phone.
Information about the vehicle or vehicles that have arrived at the stop where the user is waiting

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