Efficient work according to an automatic schedule

Shiftoo is a module designed for creating schedules and work charts for drivers and other employees

Shiftoo allows you to automate the scheduling of drivers and other employees. Shiftoo allows you to increase the efficiency of the use of available staff.

Shiftoo Functionalities

Defining accessibility priorities and optimizing schedules in terms of many parameters

Each company bases its functioning on a different operating model. In Shiftoo, you can define your own limitations and conditions (e.g. planning holidays, specifying various qualifications and skills of an employee). This allows for full personalization of automatically generated schedules.

Automation and organization of the processes of assigning drivers to tasks

Driver and employee shifts and jobs scheduling

Takes into account one or more parameters:

  • flexible availabilities, vacations, absences, etc. 
  • different skills of workers
  • wages of the employees to minimize the total cost of work

Shiftoo will help you quickly and automatically create (and adjust) shifts and job schedules in accordance with Labour Code.

Compliance with the Labor Code and updated regulations regarding the regulation of drivers’ working time

You no longer need to keep up to date with information on labor law. By automatically generating the schedule, Shiftoo takes into account the provisions of the Labor Code and regulations on working time regulations. A person managing personnel in the company and working with Shiftoo on a daily basis does not need to have knowledge in the field of labor law.

Flexible solutions

The module-based construction of the platform guarantees flexibility and personalization of the provided solutions. The suitable configuration of Aleet products will allow you to create or expand solutions tailored to the specific needs of your fleet of vehicles.

Shiftoo can be extended with additional modules, including:

Vizyah a platform for monitoring vehicles, transport orders and drivers

Aseem virtual twin of the transport system

Route2 a module enables automatic fleet management through dynamic assignment of vehicles to orders and vehicle routing.

DriveLight a module evaluates the driving style and economy.

DriverApp dedicated application for management and contact with the driver.

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