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Software-defined fleet tailored to your needs

At Aleet, we start by understanding the operational model of your transport business to customize our AI software to your company’s needs.

We have optimized fleet operations for e-commerce companies, last-mile deliveries, specialized transport, courier services, and passenger transport.

Our solutions provide measurable benefits

We automate fleet management processes and improve fleet utilization efficiency, achieving:

Up to 23%

reduction in operating expenses (OpEx)

Up to 20%

reduction in mileage and service time without delivery delays

Up to 20%

increase in vehicle space utilization

Up to 10%

reduction in the required fleet size while meeting the same demand

Up to 100%

automation of route planning and fleet management processes

Up to 25%

reduction in capital expenditures (CapEx)

Digital twin of your fleet

Aseem is a cutting-edge AI-powered simulation platform that creates a comprehensive digital twin of any fleet, enabling you to test various expansion scenarios, configuration changes, and demand predictions, and allows AI to choose the best strategies. This innovative tool empowers fleet operators to make informed decisions, minimize deployment risks, and optimize both strategic and operational management, all while simulating solutions without real-world disruptions.

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Platform for Dynamic Vehicle Routing and Task Assignment

Route2 is a dynamic vehicle routing platform that transforms fleets into software-defined fleets, minimizing total transportation costs while ensuring timely deliveries. It generates optimized delivery schedules and plans routes for both planned and dynamically incoming orders. By automating processes and streamlining operations, Route2 significantly reduces the operational costs associated with fleet management.

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Industries That Use Our Solutions

Our solutions save time, fuel, and resources by improving operational efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction in industries such as

We support e-commerce companies and their fulfillment services by dynamically optimizing delivery routes for both planned and last-minute orders allowing e-commerce businesses to scale effectively and manage their fleets more proficiently.
Specialized Transport
We support companies transporting high-value, medical, and perishable goods, ensuring the safe and timely deliveries
Passenger Transport
Our solutions help companies providing short and long-distance, domestic and international passenger transport to minimize travel time and fuel costs, and improve service punctuality.
Courier and Last-Mile Services
We support companies delivering packages from distribution points to recipients' doors that need to deliver a large number of packages in a short time. Our solutions shorten delivery times and reduce operational costs.
Transport and Logistics
We support companies in organizing and managing supply chains, forwarding, and. We assist in transport planning, minimizing empty runs, and maximizing vehicle utilization.

Do you want to streamline your transportation processes?

At Aleet, we start by understanding the operational model of your transport business to customize our software to meet your company’s needs.