Responsive routing and parcel allocation

Save time and cost with our routing and allocation module. We help you to route vehicles in response to the fluctuating demand and allocate and organize parcels on the truck.

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Real-time fleet monitoring and optimization platform

Save up to 30% of the operating cost with our monitoring, and optimization of routing, scheduling, assignment, rebalancing, driver behavior, and others..

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Reduce fuel consumption

Our eco-driving module helps to reduce fuel consumption by 20%. Gain more insights how your fleet is used by analyzing driver behavior patterns.

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Positioning and navigating visually imparied

Gain independence with our fusion of GPS-based localization and image recognition for a high-precision outdoor and indoor navigation of the visually impaired.

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Transform Your business model

Hassle free integration, horizontal and vertical scalability, customizable features in a SaaS model. It’s a new opportunity to your fleet which can now be utilized in a broader transportation spectrum: goods delivery, rental, passenger transportation, to list a few.

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Cost savings on operational expenses through our routing solutions, eco-driving, and parcel allocation.
Fewer kilometers driven with the same demand.
Reduction of air pollution with the same demand.
Increase in revenue-generating kilometers compared to non-profitable kilometers.
Decrease in the number of accidents involving vehicles equipped with our software.
Decrease in fleet size while satisfying the same demand.

Our Products

We are starting with understanding the operating model of your business to fit software that suites your actual needs. We develop a fleet management model for you that will reduce cost’s and operational risk. Using advanced analyses and simulations, we will find the right solution for your company.

Analysis of operational model
Virtual simulations of potential solutions
Selection of the solution and configuration
Optimization and testing
Implementation in a real environment

Our mission

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