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Digital Twin for Fleet Operational Strategy Analysis

Fleet simulator Aseem allows you to test variants of expansion or changes to fleet configuration and demand, including demand prediction for a given or changed service. A simulation platform based on the latest artificial intelligence technologies dedicated to fleet operators in order to analyze and recommend the best decisions and operational strategies in fleet management.

Aseem provides measurable benefits

We help solve strategic problems and optimize capital expenditures:

Up to 25%

Reduction in capital expenditures (CapEx). Through effective fleet electrification, ESG standards compliance, and new operational strategies.

Up to 23%

Reduction in operating expenses (OpEx).

Lower Investment Costs

Assess investments to avoid inefficient spending.

Better Operational Decisions

Test various scenarios and assess their impact on fleet operations.

Increased Competitiveness

Faster response to market changes. Enhanced innovation.

Optimize Spending

Manage and maximize current resources

Aseem’s Functionalities

Discover intelligent fleet management with Aseem. By creating a precise digital twin of your fleet, Aseem enables strategic decision-making through realistic simulations. This detailed digital twin empowers you to make informed choices while mitigating risks. Aseem simplifies planning and optimizes both strategic and operational fleet management by testing various solutions without the risk of constant changes.

Creating a Base Digital Twin Model for a Given Fleet

Aseem allows you to model the entire fleet operating system, including vehicle movement, order processing, driver assignment, and fleet utilization monitoring. Its unique capability allows planning, testing, and evaluating various operating models, accounting for the unpredictability of transport systems.

Controlling Fleet Operation Parameters to Determine Optimal Operational Strategies

Aseem can account for the size of the road network and the number of vehicles used for order fulfillment, allowing us to assess the scalability and efficiency of algorithmic solutions.

Testing Variants of Fleet Expansion or Configuration Changes, Including Electrification

Aseem analyzes fleet performance in various configurations with different vehicle types and cargo sizes. It recommends the optimal fleet size and structure for a given service demand. Leveraging expertise in transport systems and AI, Aseem identifies and recommends the best strategies and optimal fleet management policies, minimizing the risk of inefficient operations.

Analysis of demand variation and demand prediction for a given or new service

Aseem analyzes demand fluctuations, predicts service demand, and recommends optimal fleet management strategies accordingly.

Do you want to streamline your transportation processes?

At Aleet, we start by understanding the operating model of your transportation business to adapt our software to the needs of your company.