Full control of transport processes

Vizyah is a platform for monitoring and advanced analytics of the efficiency of the vehicle fleet, the progress of transport orders, and the work of drivers.

The platform is an innovative Aleet’s solution in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which can be used in almost any company that has and manages a fleet of vehicles. Vizyah is an effective tool for managing and optimizing the fleet, regardless of the size and type of transport company.

Vizyah’s Functionalities

Vizyah is a modular fleet management solution that gives you access to up-to-date data on all vehicles, jobs and drivers in your fleet in one place. The Vizyah system allows you to work in real mode by providing information such as:

Monitoring the location and status of vehicles, truck tractors, semi-trailers

Monitoring of vehicles and other valuable assets based on information from GPS devices, CAN bus, OBD-II port, tachographs, driver applications, and dedicated sensors.

Quick preview of vehicle location data, usage history, fuel or battery status, presented on a user-friendly live map. Access to up-to-date vehicle information and a full view of your fleet’s operations will allow for a reduction in operational costs and an increase in fleet utilization efficiency.

Monitoring of transport orders and the progress of their execution

Vizyah monitors the orders coming into the system, both those entered manually and automatically retrieved by the order tracking module. The status of order fulfillment is monitored, along with information on where the order is located and whether it will be serviced according to the estimated completion time. Additionally, all probable delays are monitored in order to prevent them predictively.

Monitoring drivers by automatically reading data from the vehicle and the driver’s application

Access to current data regarding drivers will increase their safety on the road and ensure a new quality of communication between the driver and the dispatcher.

The application enables automatic assignment of tasks to the driver along with the analysis of work progress and automatic validation of the driver’s location in relation to the executed orders.

Access to extensive fleet and driver performance reports and analytics

Monitoring and analysis of fleet operating costs, including the cost of vehicle wear and tear, gasoline costs, service repairs, and total cost per order is necessary to optimize the use of the fleet and reduce operating costs..

Monitoring speed and profiles, e.g. braking and acceleration for a given driver, group of drivers or group of vehicles

The driving style analysis takes into account the profile of the driver, vehicle, slope, weather conditions, load, and other parameters. The collected information on driving style is available in the form of user-friendly reports. Thanks to DriveLight, you will be able to compare the results of one driver, a group of drivers and, analogously, a vehicle, a group of vehicles or the entire fleet. Monitoring the driving style of the driver and the way in which the vehicle is utilised will improve the safety of drivers and reduce the costs associated with the operation of the fleet

Generating recommendations for drivers
to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and the risk of accidents

Access to current data and full insight into the driving style (how the vehicle is utilised) allows you to easily identify inappropriate/irresponsible/improper behavior of the driver on the road. Based on the analysis of real events on the road (…) Thanks to DriveLight, you can work together with drivers to improve the safety and economy of their driving. Smooth and economical driving will reduce the cost of fuel, insurance policy, reduce the frequency of repairs and the risk of road accidents.

Driver scores and rankings

In DriveLight, thanks to the mobile application, you can provide drivers with reports presenting their own results. The driver can check the speed distribution for a given period, as well as acceleration and braking profiles. In this way, you will encourage drivers to monitor their driving style and motivate them to constantly improve. You can use the results from the driving style reports to create a ranking of the best driver, periodic employee evaluation or a bonus system

Flexible Solution
The module-based construction of the platform guarantees flexibility and personalization of the provided solutions. The suitable configuration of Aleet products will allow you to create or expand solutions tailored to the specific needs of your fleet of vehicles.

The Vizyah platform can be extended with additional modules, including:

a module enables automatic fleet management through dynamic assignment of vehicles to orders and vehicle routing.

a module enables creating automatically schedules for drivers and other employees

Aseem virtual twin of the transport system

dedicated application for management and contact with the driver.

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