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What does the platform Vizyah monitor?

Vizyah is a platform for monitoring and advanced analytics of the efficiency of the vehicle fleet, the progress of transport orders, and the work of drivers. In one place, you will have access to current data on all vehicles, orders and drivers in your fleet.

What does Vizyah enable?

First of all, it enables real-time operation by providing such information as: 1) monitoring of the location and status of vehicles, tractors, semi-trailers, 2) monitoring of transport orders and the progress of their implementation, 3) monitoring of drivers by automatic reading of data from the vehicle and the driver’s application, 4) access to comprehensive reports and analyzes on the efficiency of the fleet and drivers, 5) monitoring of speed and profiles, e.g. braking and acceleration

What distinguishes the Vizyah system from other fleet monitoring systems?

Vizyah is a unique fleet management system designed to meet the individual requirements of your company. Its construction is based on modularity, which allows you to freely add further extensions, such as:

Route2 (allowing the allocation of vehicles to orders and dynamic routing)

Aseem (Virtual twin of the transport system for decision making and operational strategies)

Shifttoo (used to create graphics and work schedules for drivers and other employees)

What are the main benefits of using Vizyah?

With our platform you will gain:

Cost optimization: by monitoring fuel consumption, routes and driver behavior, Vizyah allows you to identify areas where you can save money through better fleet management.

Increased Efficiency: With our platform, you can optimize routing, task scheduling and timetables, which leads to reduced travel times, reduced traffic congestion and increased fleet efficiency.

Improve fleet maintenance: With Vizyah, you can track the maintenance, repair and maintenance schedule of your vehicles, helping to increase fleet reliability and extend the life of your fleet.

Accurate data analysis: Our system collects and analyzes fleet data such as fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, maintenance costs, allowing you to make more informed fleet management decisions.

Improving customer service: With Vizyah, you can track the location of your vehicles in real time, allowing you to better communicate with your customers and provide them with accurate delivery information.

How much can you save using a fleet management system? Why do companies choose such solutions?

Companies using fleet management systems often report fuel cost savings of 5% to 25%, reduction in travel time and associated reductions in operating costs. In addition, better fleet management can lead to reduced service costs, increased vehicle uptime and increased overall fleet productivity.

What distinguishes Aleet from competing solutions?

At Aleet, our international team of scientists and programmers utilizes the most innovative solutions in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning to increase the efficiency of vehicle fleets through dynamic management.

Most TMS providers offer basic functions such as fleet monitoring or analyzing driving style based on telematics data. At Aleet, we go a step further. Our comprehensive solution for managing transport tasks and vehicle fleets includes a VRP module. This feature allows for the optimization of vehicle assignments to tasks and the creation of driving routes (routing). The entire process takes place dynamically (routes adjusted to current conditions and changes in real-time), for example. Additionally, when creating a route, there is the possibility to take into account a range of parameters (such as delivery time windows and delivery priorities), while ensuring optimal use of the fleet.

Another feature of our system that sets us apart from the competition is the ability to conduct simulations of various operational/business models in a company and actively adjust fleet management methods based on them. This functionality supports Business Intelligence activities by facilitating the decision-making process.

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