At Aleet, we strive to develop relationships with our partners. We build achievements and results together, thanks to your trust and our experience.

Geotab – Geotab – strategic partner of Aleet, providing telematics solutions. Vizyah and Route2 fleet monitoring and routing software uses GEOTAB cubes, which allow access to a lot of information about a specific vehicle at a given moment. GEOTABA cubes are very easy to use and allow for an incredible number of possibilities for monitoring vehicles and their specific parameters. Our algorithms use this data to analyze and optimize unsustainable behavior, including the driving style of a given driver, specific vehicle behavior, etc. – thus extracting the most important information regarding the use of vehicle resources, the life of its parts and aspects related to driving style.

SysTech – Systems and Technology, a Taiwanese company that is our strategic partner supplying hardware necessary for fleet monitoring, including GPS devices for tracking vehicles, vehicle trailers, on-board cameras for vehicles, on-board computers and other dedicated devices.

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