Why us?

The international team of Aleet has many years of experience in implementing new transport services such as mobility on demand, first and last mile transport, express courier deliveries as well as new technologies in transport, including micromobility and autonomous, highly automated and electric vehicles. From the beginning of our activity, we have been creating modern technological solutions in the field of (i) optimization of transport systems, (ii) traffic and demand forecasting, (iii) the impact of artificial intelligence on transport behavior such as driving style and road safety, and (iv) parameterization complex transport systems. We focus on solutions tailored to individual customer needs, both in passenger and freight transport. We solve problems related to the scalability of transport services, responsiveness and adaptability to changing requirements and expectations on the part of operators, their customers and supply chains. The tools we create enable transport operators to automate fleet management and, which is extremely important in today's uncertain world, to transform business models and high system responsiveness to changes in demand. To provide our customers with a high level of service, we use the most innovative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, stateless cloud computing and machine learning to optimize costs and increase vehicle utilization through fleet management, which is focused on increasing the ratio of time and kilometers generating income to time and kilometers that only generate a cost.

One of our proprietary solutions is a fully dedicated platform supporting transport companies in making decisions regarding the current use of vehicles, including their relocation and the allocation of employees to a dynamically managed system. The platform uses individual optimization strategies for its calculations, which allow to parameterize the objective function depending on the number of available vehicles in the operator's fleet and prioritize the availability of vehicles on the basis of the proposed price for the use of the vehicle by the customer.

In addition, at Aleet we develop technological solutions for the positioning and navigation of blind and visually impaired people inside transport systems in cities. For this purpose, we use the fusion of sensors in the phone (including GPS, gyroscope, compass, and camera image) to tell a blind person in what relative location they are, what obstacles they have around them and how they should navigate. We offer door-to-door navigation using available public transport and pedestrian directions.