Use case

The development of omnichannel, mass customization and same day delivery may require truck suppliers to develop new capabilities - especially for the last mile, which may require improved vehicle routing, parcel allocation and EV fleet planning

E-commerce logistics as a service

From delivering groceries to sharing rides or collecting rubbish, we make it easy to optimize routing operations while considering your business needs and logic.

Taking into account operational constraints and business KPIs, we configure our decision automation module to take into account different resolution paradigms such as vehicle load, routes, driver assignment and vehicle maintenance (e.g. electric vehicle charging).

Having a fleet of vehicles and points to visit (both deliveries and pickups), with parameterization of the capacity limitation and time windows, we allocate parcels to vehicles and vehicles on routes in a way that maximizes the use of cargo space (along with an indication of the arrangement of parcels in the vehicle ), and then search for the shortest paths for vehicles (the shortest based on business KPIs). The module is applicable to all types of courier companies and other courier companies. It allows you to optimize the loading of multiple vehicles with the assignment of routes for vehicles. For example, having 100,000 parcels and 500 vehicles, we select which parcels are to be assigned to which vehicle, optimize the loading of each vehicle and define routes for them.

When optimizing routes, we take into account the method of charging electric vehicles (when to charge the vehicles to minimize operating costs).