• List of frequently asked questions.
How does our fleet management system work?

Our system collects information on an ongoing basis from several sources:

  • from telematics devices connected to vehicles
  • from the mobile application with which drivers are equipped
  • from road conditions data regarding traffic and weather

In this way, it is possible to monitor important, customer-selected data about vehicles and drivers on an ongoing basis. The order management panel with access for the operator and the client is used to generate and monitor transport orders. Based on information about orders, information about the fleet and guidelines from the fleet operator (along with the scope of optimization in selected aspects), the system assigns vehicles to orders. In this way, tasks are allocated in the most economical and effective way. Additionally, the fleet operator has access to the statistics and history of all vehicles on an ongoing basis.

How to save the cost of fleet operation?

Fleet management costs more than it should when we have not analyzed and clarified our goals and requirements. We have not done a proper analysis of how our fleet usually operates, where the most losses accumulate and what is the reason for it. Generally speaking, the most common reason for losses, and thus higher fleet management costs, is:

budgeting and total cost of ownership of the vehicle: from vehicle purchases to huge repair and maintenance bills, and a host of other potential hurdles.

The cost of maintaining the car park should be analyzed, taking into account the loss of value of the cars during their use, the costs of servicing and repairs as well as insurance. You should also keep an eye on the inspection dates so as not to lose, for example, the warranty, check how much the car burns at what load, because fuel costs may constitute one third of all fleet maintenance expenses, and establish liability for claims.