Vizyah is a group of Aleet products that have been created in a modular way to enable adaptation of the solution to the needs of a specific customer. The base Vizyah solution allows you to easily monitor your fleet of vehicles, drivers and shipments (and / or passengers), report on fleet usage, and update the course of operations of a given vehicle fleet.

Thanks to the Vizyah platform, you can easily and quickly monitor and adjust the operating parameters of a given fleet depending on your needs. Monitoring is the first and key form necessary to optimize the use of your vehicle fleet. Thanks to its tools, we are able to analyze and manage the efficiency of the fleet on an ongoing basis.

The Vizyah system allows the user to:

  1. track the process of delivering the product to the recipient,
  2. direct it to more optimal travel paths so as to minimize delivery costs (such as e.g. time and fuel consumption), or
  3. dynamically assign transport tasks to the driver taking into account the currently handled orders.

The Vizyah platform enables the management of fleets of vehicles of any type: freight, passenger, conventional gasoline, electric, as well as autonomous and highly automated vehicles.

Each of the users (operators) may have one or more fleets at their disposal. Each of them can be configured independently and in connection with other fleets. Similarly, each of the managed fleets may have different extensions and functionalities, e.g. fleet A has only a system for monitoring vehicles and driver's driving style, and fleet B has extensions to optimize the allocation of vehicles to orders.

Technologies used in the Vizyah platform

Vizyah is a next-generation cloud-based system that can handle a very large number of queries. The platform uses advanced techniques of machine learning and operational research to optimize the use of the vehicle fleet. The entire process is closed in intuitive applications for operators and drivers. The application for fleet administrators and operators is available via web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge). The applications for drivers support phones with Android and iOS.

An additional source of income

Our fleet management solution enables the operator to transform the business model by simply reconfiguring the fleet management system, e.g. from car-sharing management to shipment pickup management. In addition, Vizyah enables transport companies to generate an additional source of income and savings by using existing historical data from the operation of the fleet of vehicles to, for example, negotiate better conditions for fleet insurance or obtain financing.


Fleet operators & owners (rental and leasing)
E-commerce, traditional commerce & food delivery
Public services & civil/public defence services
Passenger and taxi companies


Optimal use of vehicles and their payload
Possibility of lowering the unit price for service
Reduced operating costs
Save costs by lowering fuel consumption

Use Cases

E-commerce logistics as a service
E-commerce logistics as a service

The development of omnichannel, mass customization and same day delivery may require truck suppliers to...