Charging electric vehicles is planned continuously. Vehicles are assigned to both transport orders and loading orders.

Loading can be handled in

  • reactive mode (i.e. the vehicle is sent for recharge if the battery level drops below a certain level), and
  • proactive way (planning charging in advance at different times in order to minimize e.g. the cost of charging or maximize the availability of the fleet)

Input and output data (similar to allocations with enabled charging option)

Optimizing the fleet efficiency of charging electric vehicles

The analytical model presented above is subject to the optimization of vehicle range availability in time intervals. Charging optimization taking into account the entire fleet and not individual vehicles allows to increase the availability of the fleet by about 20%.


For everyone who owns or plans to have an EV fleet
For everyone who owns or plans to have EV infrastructure


Proactive charging with variable energy prices
Optimization takes into account the possibility of partial charging.
Possibility to set stations as preferred by the fleet operator
Increase the availability of the fleet by about 20%