Data Mall

DataMall is an innovative platform for storing, analyzing and sharing data in the area of ​​smart mobility. The main goal of our platform is the efficient use of data to achieve automatic management and reliable decision making for scalable transport solutions.

Thanks to the implementation of advanced algorithms for creating descriptive and predictive analytical models, it is possible to conduct advanced analysis, i.e .:

  • fleet performance analysis,
  • fuel efficiency analysis,
  • whether the analysis of the behaviour or of drivers / vehicles.

We adjust the scope and level of advancement of analyses to the development phase of services and the business needs of our clients.

DataMall includes static and dynamic (ie real-time) datasets, including geospatial datasets that are collected from multiple sources and standardized according to our canonical data model.

Having based our solution on cloud computing technologies, we provide access to unlimited disk space, which we can adapt to the business needs of our clients.

DataMall resources are made available through APIs, available only to authorized DataMall users. We plan to develop our platform based on the smart contract technology in order to achieve the highest level of data security and transparency as well as their effective exchange.


Fleet operators & owners (rental and leasing)
Insurance companies
Public services & civil/public defence services
Long-distance transport


Complex analyses thanks to the use of advanced algorithms
Adjusting the scope of the solutions used to the business needs
Effective data exchange thanks to modern technologies
High performance of analytical solutions