About us

Our team is working in the industry from over a decade. We work on challenges related to mobility in the city and the latest technologies such as autonomous riding. Our heritage provides more than 20 highly evaluated publications, four patents reported in the field of new technologies in the mobility sector and the implementation of the world's first stand-alone taxi, which was fully managed by an automated fleet solution. This experience has led us to and even deeper understanding of the transport industry and its stakeholders. We currently make the first Patent application of Aleet on our unique solution for efficient and scalable fleet.


Our first R&D work on traffic engineering (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)


Our first developments of autonomous vehicles and systems to control AV fleet operations (Massachusettes Institute of Technology, USA; National University of Singapore)


Commercial development of autonomous vehicles and large scale fleet management for AV. First in the world autonomous taxi (Guiness Record). Company acquired by Delphi for 450 MUSD.


Further development and patenting technologies related to autonomous fleet management and vehicle routing at low and high level.


Work on scaling up and improving AV capabilities. This is the point where we realized that AV alone will not be able to solve the transportation problem and we need a crafted fleet management solution for being able to deploy AV as scale and efficiently.


Aleet is born. We develope our project in the group of young, energetic and ambitious people, which are looking for responsible solutions for large and small companies based on the sensible use f our planet's resources.


The first funding from the European Funds and NCBiR for our project: Livable Cities: A platform for dynamic optimization of transport services in urban areas with the use of machine learning.